Product overview

  • Anticoagulant Sodium Citrate 4% is supplied in flexible polypropylene (PP) plastic bags containing 250 mL of solution
  • The container is free of PVC, plasticizers, adhesives, and latex
  • The solution is aqueous-based, clear, and colorless

Container Benefits and Features


Designed for safe and easy handling

Integrated eyelet support for easy and safe handling of the container during use.


Product information

  • Inclusion of the National Drug Code
  • Inclusion of lot and expiration date
  • Sequential number

Highly compatible material

High resistance pressure cuffs respond satisfactorily to 400 mmHg pressure for 72 hours.


Outlet port

PP tube closed with a PP twist-off for connecting to the apheresis device.

Guidelines for Anticoagulant Sodium Citrate 4%

Overwrap removal

The overwrap serves as a moisture barrier. It is intended to limit evaporative moisture loss from the primary solution container.

  1. The overwrap is designed to be opened by pulling apart the 2 sheets of the overwrap.
  2. The recommended method to remove the overwrap is to peel off one sheet by the corner while holding the other sheet at one end to carefully remove the solution container.

The overwrap should not be removed until the product is to be used.


Container inspection

  • Visually inspect the container for particulate matter and discoloration
  • Check for minute leaks by squeezing the inner container firmly. If leaks are found, discard the solution as sterility may be impaired
  • If the ports are damaged, detached, or not present, discard the container as solution path sterility may be impaired

Do not administer unless the solution is clear and seal is intact.

Attach administration set

  1. Open the bag's breakable access port.
  2. Hold the container properly and aseptically connect the bag to the anticoagulant line of the apheresis device set. Completely insert the spike of the apheresis device tubing set through the port as far as it will go. To ensure proper connection and prevent leakage, push the set using a circular motion up to the shoulder of the spike. Do not move the spike back and forth once inserted.
  3. Verify that the bag has been securely attached to the anticoagulant line of the system's tubing set to avoid flow interruption, leaks, and
    connection errors.

Anticoagulant Sodium Citrate
4% 250 mL

NDC Number


Case weight Kg


Bags/ box


Bags/ pallet


Bags/ container


Description NDC Number Case weight Kg Bags/ box Bags/ pallet Bags/ container

Anticoagulant Sodium Citrate
4% 250 mL






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