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Which drugs are compatible with the Fleboflex® and Fleboflex® Luer containers?

The Fleboflex® bag has drug-container compatibility studies with a select number of medications. We have some compatibility tables between drugs and containers that you can reference in the downloadable section.

What is the advantage of polypropylene compared to PVC?

Greater drug compatibility.

Do Fleboflex® or Fleboflex® Luer contain latex?

No, all Grifols IV solutions products are latex-free.

Does Fleboflex® have guaranteed tempered distribution with temperature control?

In the US, 0.9% Sodium Chloride solution in Fleboflex® container is supplied by distributors and transported under the following temperature conditions:
Transport temperature +2 ºC and +25 ºC.
Transport is carried out in qualified vehicles, with monitoring temperature.

Can Fleboflex® and Fleboflex® Luer bags be labeled?

No, because the ink from the marker could get inside. It is not recommended to label plastic, PE, PVC, or PP containers because the inks contain volatile solvents that could enter the interior of the container.*

Can Sodium Citrate 4% be used for intravenous infusion?

Sodium Citrate 4% CANNOT be used for direct intravenous infusion.

Cohen MR, ed. Chapter 7. The role of drug packaging and labeling in medication errors. Medication errors. 2nd edition. American Pharmacists Association; 2007:111-152.

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